Bethesda E3 Showcase 2016

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Bethesda had Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb back together to host there conference. Even if Bethesda games library was weak this year, it was nice to see those too working together talking about video games and there favorite Bethesda games.


Xbox One S Pictures Leak before E3 2016


E3 2016 starts off with a big leak a day before the meeting starts. Microsoft Xbox One Slim console picture showed up online at The system looks really small and it has a nice white look. It comes 40% smaller and has a 2Tb hard drive inside it. It can also play games in 4K Ultra Hd Dynamic Range. But with all these upgrades in the new updated console, can it  give Microsoft the edge that it needs to stop sony in the console marketed and can Microsoft sale the console for under $299.99? What will happen to all the people that got the first model Xbox One? Would you sale your old Xbox One for the new S model? Leave a comment below.

xbox one slim

Batman vs. Superman Review


After seeing the movie Batman vs. Superman. I give the movie a C+. That’s the highest score I can give it. It’s just a “o.k” movie and it could have been put together better. It’s has a weak story. They had a hard time putting Superman at Batman’s level. It was just a over the top movie that took after the Superman movie. If they did not showed off Superman strength from the very start, then they could have made the story more believable. And don’t even get me started with Lex. I like the think that’s then worst Lex ever played. I did like Wonder Woman roll in the movie a little bit. But the way she showed up was random. What do you think of the movie leave a comment blow.

Apple vs. The FBI


Do you think, Apple Tim Cook is crazy? Apple collect information from people phones all the time when it crashes. The thing is the FBI what Apple help because they already know that they have the capability and technology Made to collect information from people Phone and Apple don’t want that to be unveiled to the public. Who should have the right to this type of technology anyway? Apple or the Government? Because this is not the first time Apple had problems with collecting information. If you stop and think about it. When your making the operating system secured, you have to be able to hack into it yourself for the reason why the FBI went to Apple in the first place. There people knows the OS weakness and can do something bad anyway. I say, work with the law and make the U.S safe, if they care about us. They should not have the right to tell the Government what to do. That becomes a bad look to the justice systems when a big U.S business can tell the law what to do…. What do you think smile emoticon P.S. I’m not saying that the law being able to brake into phones is a great thing, but I do think it’s the right thing to do.

PlayStation Plus Games for Free

Total Retail Value for PSN plus games is zero dollars. Think about it, you don’t get to keep it running on your console unless you renew PlayStation plus every month. In true your renting games that Sony put out for you so it’s pointless. This is in a lot of ways misleading and maybe against the law for false advertising. It’s just as misleading as apple free to play games. You see that they change the word from “free” to “get”. Microsoft is the true winner when it comes to free games. The funny thing is I’m a sony fan pointing out the truth. PSN don’t give away any good free games on there online store. Only free to play.


Do you guys really like indie developers so much that you would wait about 3 years for a 2d-3d like game. Look at the money that people put into this. it’s so funny. All he did was remake Megaman X8 in HD lol….. I just don’t get it. IGN funs, understand that if your a good developer then make your games in a corporation like capcom who has the resources to get the game done on time. Even if you pitch the game and get reject it’s better that way. There are to many indie developers trying to make AAA games and they are learning that it takes more money to do it right. It’s becoming the Atari games situation all over again, whenever I look at indie games cluttering the market with invitations like games. February 9 release date is now push back to some other date. More info well come soon on