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Sept 10, 2013
The Ouya better watch out because PlayStation Vita TV is on its way. This little device can do almost everything that the vita handheld can do without the touchscreen. It’s designed to play PlayStation one, PSP and Vita games along with video streaming service and it can also sync with your PlayStation 4. This device is set to be released in Asia first and maybe it might hit its way to the US later on.



Sept 9, 2013
New PS Vita 2000 Model Redesign 2013
The PS Vita gets a upgrade of a life time. The PS Vita 2000 is the latest model of the vita family. The specs is “3.8mm thinner than previous models, lighter about 35g, the battery lasts a long time. The body, it is now more easily to 1GB built-in memory card, to play and brought out. In addition to “black” and “white”, the color of the main body of six color variations “lime green / white”, “light blue / white”, “pink / black” and “khaki / black.” The release is October 10th in Japan for 18,980 Yen or $190.

psvite jp


Aug 8,2013
Nintendo Wii U Price Drop

Nintendo is striking back with a big announcement for the Nintendo fans. The $50 price drop on the Deluxe Model Wii U plus a free downloadable game of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD puts Nintendo in a good position to own the game market for this fall holiday 2013. I was even surprised to hear Adam Sessler saying that “this could be a game changer” for nintendo. The ideal of downloading a game that comes with this system makes a lot of sense for the third-party companies and hardware manufacturer to get for-profit of their products. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think?

Courtesy Rev3Games

Aug 28,2013
Nintendo Announces Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo surprised everybody today by announcing the New Nintendo 2DS handheld console. The newest member of the DS family will be released for $129.99. It can do all the same functions as the Nintendo 3DS but they took out the 3-D functions on the handheld device. This big change could be a way to not only save Nintendo in cost in making the system but help encourage everybody that the handheld console is safe to play for kids. The release of handheld is October 12, 2013. What do you think of Nintendo’s big change leave a comment below!

Aug 21,2013
Sony’s Gamescom Presentation 2013
ps3 GameCom-Handheld copy

Sony waste no time in showing off their best games at gamescom 2013. They showed off more features on the Playstation 4 and the PlayStation Vita and how both systems can be integrated together similar to the way you play games on the wii u and it’s controller. Sony showed off more indie games and third-party companies that will be developing on the next GEN video game console PlayStation 4. Check out the video below if you miss sony’s presentation.


Aug 21, 2013
EA Gamescom Presentation 2013
ea GameCom-Handheld copy
Check out EA 2013 game, press conference.

Jun 12, 2013



Jun 11, 2013

Playstation 4 Price $399
Wow! I don’t no how but sony hit Microsoft with a one hit knock out! But this could be the first time sony had a perfect e3 in years. How can you beat sony with a price point of $399 and you can sale your used games too! Nintendo may have nothing to worry as long they stick with casual games.

MAY 31, 2013

E3 is coming in june and Microsoft have already show half of their next generation console. After the presentation Microsoft they get a lot of mixed reviews but one things is for sure. They are definitely trying to change the way we play video games and you entertainment and our living room. Their push into the television market has gotten people wondering about the many abilities of the console. People Is hoping that Microsoft showoff more games for the E3 show 2013. Tell then check out this video out there may 15th conference and even comment below of what you think Microsoft should do?

Xbox One (click to view in 3D)


Xbox One


Check out this video that shows off what the Playstation 4 can do before E3 and tell me what you think of the system on the comments below!

wii u sale

Target has drop there price of the Nintendo Wii U Basic 8GB Model from $299 to $249. It seen to be a permanent price change for Target. The Deluxe model price is still $349. Maybe at some point Nintendo well discontinue the 8GB Model and release a 64GB or 128GB version this year. This is not Nintendo first time having a console price drop in the first year. Remember the 3DS that sold bad because people criticize over the 3D technology, but now it’s out sold the PS Vita. Sometimes, it takes time to see Nintendo way of gaming. When Nintendo start’s releasing more games for the system, I believe that it will drive console sales in high numbers because Nintendo is the best casual gaming system around. They have something for everybody!

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