Apple vs. The FBI


Do you think, Apple Tim Cook is crazy? Apple collect information from people phones all the time when it crashes. The thing is the FBI what Apple help because they already know that they have the capability and technology Made to collect information from people Phone and Apple don’t want that to be unveiled to the public. Who should have the right to this type of technology anyway? Apple or the Government? Because this is not the first time Apple had problems with collecting information. If you stop and think about it. When your making the operating system secured, you have to be able to hack into it yourself for the reason why the FBI went to Apple in the first place. There people knows the OS weakness and can do something bad anyway. I say, work with the law and make the U.S safe, if they care about us. They should not have the right to tell the Government what to do. That becomes a bad look to the justice systems when a big U.S business can tell the law what to do…. What do you think smile emoticon P.S. I’m not saying that the law being able to brake into phones is a great thing, but I do think it’s the right thing to do.

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