Do you guys really like indie developers so much that you would wait about 3 years for a 2d-3d like game. Look at the money that people put into this. it’s so funny. All he did was remake Megaman X8 in HD lol….. I just don’t get it. IGN funs, understand that if your a good developer then make your games in a corporation like capcom who has the resources to get the game done on time. Even if you pitch the game and get reject it’s better that way. There are to many indie developers trying to make AAA games and they are learning that it takes more money to do it right. It’s becoming the Atari games situation all over again, whenever I look at indie games cluttering the market with invitations like games. February 9 release date is now push back to some other date. More info well come soon on informersinc.com.


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