Top 5 Black Friday Stores

Are you still looking for that perfect black Friday experience. Well after six years of going Black Friday shopping, I put up a list of stores that I’m going to go to first to get the most out of my money.

1. Walmart walmart

This year 2015 Walmart has the best deals the lowest prices and everything in one place experience.  It doesn’t matter if  you are going online or going to the store directly. After five days of price matching with other competitors. They are simply just the best electronics available.  Please, be aware that everybody who goes black Friday shopping well probably hit up Walmart door buster sales so even if you’re late for the party. If you wait around 1:30 or 2:30 AM. Walmart has a habit of restocking and getting a second shipping of items around that time making buying what you need that much more easy.

2. Bestbuy Best-Buy1

When it comes to electronics store Best Buy is your brother Deal.  even though I  wish the number two spot was circuit city. Best Buy has a great lineup of televisions, hard drive  and bundles for this black Friday season.

3. Targettarget_AP748207260000

Target is still growing in popularity and is a good replacement for Kmart for the reason why I had to put this at number three. Targets this year has a lot of great deal and they always have products that Walmart just don’t carry sometimes. The brand names are very questionable  because when you first see a TV with a name that you never seen before first thing comes to your mind is it’s not going to last very long. But surprisingly a lot of their products are very long-lasting  and worth checking out because they make a lot of deals with  companies in Europe when it comes to their supplies and hardware.

4. Gamestop


Game stop was my number one spot for video games when I first started black Friday shopping but years past and it seems they cannot keep up with the competition savings. Game stop do you have a lot of bundles for those who don’t currently on the seventh generation of videogame consoles  and this generation but most of the prices are no different from what Walmart and Best Buy are offering. Because of this I had to put them at number four. Game stop in  2016 must step up their game when it comes to saving the consumer money on Black Friday. Because most of their deals are no different than what you can get outside of Black Friday.

5. Staples o-STAPLES-facebook

I had to put staples in my top five list because Kmart just don’t have any electronics anymore. You would surprise how many deals you can get from Staples during Black Friday. Hard Drive and USB Flash Drive are the best deals that store has during the Black Friday Season.




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