OS X EL Capitan Problems

el capitan problems

Before I can talk about the OS, can I at lease install it. How is it that I can install Yosemite with no problems but El Capitan need your hard drive fomated in GUID Partition. It is telling me “This disk doesn’t use the GUID Partition Table scheme. Use Disk Utility to change the partition scheme. Select the disk, choose the Partition tab, select the Volume Scheme and then click Options.” Note: I did this and it still will not work, plus I don’t want to loose my file by fomating my hard drive the wrong way. Apple needs to make thing’s easier for there user. I think Apple needs to take more notes from microsoft because upgrading from windows 7 or 8 to windows 10 was mad easy with out the Partition changes. The only reseason why I want to update to El Capitan was my Quicktime will not screen recorded with audio on it. And for a year now it’s been a pain to work with. I work for ABC News so editing fast is everything to me and I always running back to windows because of Apples short coming. I hope everybody from apple is reading this because it’s a ever bad start. If your having problems with El Capitan, please let’s talk about it on the comments below and I hope to here from you.


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