Running Low on Memory for The Playstation 4

If you’re one of the many people who brought a PlayStation 4 during the Christmas holiday at 2014. Then I guess you’re close to having at least six games like myself. The PlayStation 4 that I have is the Destiny bundle with 500 GB of hard drive memory. Lately, I slowly notice a sluggish reaction when I start playing the video game system. At first, I had no idea what it could be but when I checked my memory storage. I was surprised to see how much memory each one of my games took. Now I like you to understand I have six games plus 3 download games for a total of nine games and already I need to purchase a new and bigger hard drive.
I think back to my PlayStation 3 collection and I have over 30 games for it plus 15 download games for a total of over 45 games on a hard drive that is 250 GB. The games are still running and full HD and I can play online for free and most games can be upscale to 1080P. I don’t see the big difference and gameplay just a visual jump from the seventh generation video game console.
In conclusion, even though the PlayStation 4 is more powerful then the PlayStation 3. I’m starting to think that not only these software companies are trying to make us by more hardware for our video game systems but I also think they are a lot lazier when it comes to compressing encoding their video games. I understand that HD content does take more memory but if the seventh generation of video game systems can use one fifth of the storage that the eighth generation requires more. Then we have a problem and I don’t see myself constantly buying hard drives over and over again. I think if they don’t get this situation fixed soon. It could hurt their profit margin because people don’t have the space to buy more software for there video game systems! If you think my personal opinion about the eighth Generation video game console is wrong please leave a comment below invoice out your opinion on the situation.


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