Playstation Network Online Errors 01.19.2015

Okay it’s January 19, 2015 and the PlayStation network keeps showing off error. Now keep in mind, I have paid for the PlayStation network plus subscription and still I can’t play online like the way I want. I also understand at the time when they got hack that they gave their subscribers five extra days for the inconvenience but to me the problem have not resolved the way that they have plan and people like myself is still have not been able to play their games fully online. I feel like Sony and Microsoft online servers still owe their customers for the time that they are still putting in maintenance on their online service. Since those two companies have been working on their service I have been playing Nintendo free online servers and it have been working the way it should and I have enjoyed playing games like Super Smash Brothers, Call of Duty and Mario Kart from December till now. Leave a comment below if you feel like you can relate to the problems with the online service and tell us what you think they should do to make things right.


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