Nintendo Direct 01.14.2015


Nintendo starts the year off “Direct”. They showed off new features for the Wii U by adding Wii games to there Nintendo store. Then they showed off there release date for the New 3ds xl with it’s added features from the old 3ds xl. They did not talk about price for the handheld but one would hope that it would be the same price. They had a lot of games to talk about and how some of the game well only work for the New 3ds system only. Also, if you get the New 3ds handheld, it well not come with a AC adapter when you purchase the system. Nintendo thinks that most people would already have one of the older systems just looking for a upgrade. Those who brought the older model during the holidays would probably make people upset, seeing a newer model 3 months later.
If you think Nintendo did the right thing in releasing the New 3ds xl after christmas please leave a comment below.


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