IGN vs. Nintendo

ign vs nintendo

I’m a big fan of ign.com and i’m a fan of Nintendo but lately I started to see a pattern with IGN reviews on Nintendo. It’s not the fact that they don’t get the technical facts straight with the console but their opinions of it sometimes bother me on their reviews. I took the time to write a comment on there website.
“Why those IGN always post Negative articles on the Nintendo Wii U every month? This website post Wii U flaws in the video game industry and to be honest you need to be sued. I’m a editor at a news station so I know what i’m talking about. The topics that IGN posts on Nintendo, does not encourage the reader or the consumer to purchase their product which IGN actually needs to survive. I have followed IGN articles closely and paid attention to the way the website praise on more powerful consoles. Before the Wii U was released at 2012, IGN praise the fact that the console was in HD and like the fact that the controller had a screen but now things change since the ps4 and xbox one came out. I’m not saying that the articles on the Wii U don’t have facts but the consistency that I seen in the websites monthly reviews on Nintendo has me questioning if the other companies are paying IGN on the low or is this a personal opinion from members of IGN? I’m going to end this by saying that i’m not trying to cause problems with IGN but it’s a on going thing that the members of IGN are all hardcore and indie gamers with a small knowledge of casual gaming.”
There are alot of websites out there that don’t like Nintendo Wii U and the way they are manage. I think even if Nintendo did took their money and develop a very powerful console. Website like IGN, Gamespot, Technobuffalo, Destructoid, Revision3.com/games and so many more would never give them any respect unless there fans let them. The fact is Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo equally made great eight generation console and should not be segregated because of a few hardware decisions. These are just my thoughts. I don’t have a problem with them having reviews that are sometimes negative but on a monthly it gets to be too much. If you like or have a different opinion please leave a comment below.

Courtesy: IGN and Other Gaming Reviews Sites


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