Nintendo’s Direct as always!

Nintendo’s Direct for August 7, 2013, show off there upcoming releases for this month and reviews there games. They also going to release Tecmo Bowl. Nintendo is doing a good job spacing out their game release in order to keep their console fresh and interesting. Even though there are a lot of websites out there that slander Nintendo because of there console spec. Developers are mad with nintendo because they feel like their console does not give them what they need in order to make a successful hardcore game on their console but in reality there console is more than powerful enough to pull off a successful HD gaming experience. EA and Ubisoft decision of not putting their hardcore and sports games into the WiiU could prove to be at error because like a lot of companies who make these mistakes in choosing visual quality over gameplay experience, can cause there companies to fail in sales. What do you think about nintendo direct and their situation leave a comment below?


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