The Sports Informer – Wednesday, August 7 2013

Manziel Investigation Day 3:

On Tuesday another autograph broker told ESPN that he paid Johnny Manziel $7,500 for signing items. According to the report Manziel signed 300 mini-and full-sized helmets on Jan. 11-12 while he was attending the Walter Camp Football event. The report also says that the broker played two videos showing Manziel signing items, but the video does not show Manziel receiving money. The evidence against “Johnny Football” is mounting as these reports keep coming out day after day. One problem that the NCAA has is that none of these brokers are planning on talking to NCAA investigators, and the NCAA can’t make them because they have no subpoena power. Something that I don’t understand is why Manziel would put himself or A&M in this position? He’s not one of those athletes whose parents don’t have money. Although I do believe “Johnny Football” should be able to make his own money, I do have to concede that it is wrong for him to break a rule that could not only hurt his university but his teammates.

Courtesy: Washington Times

The NFL and it’s players association are in talks about how to stiffen punishments for driving under the influence. In my opinion this is something they need to do, too many players get cited for this. An Atlanta Falcons right-tackle will be out for the rest of the season after suffering a dislocated left ankle and fibula fracture. The first week of preseason games haven’t even started and players are dropping like fly’s.
Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan announced, that Mark Sanchez will start the preseason opener against the Detroit Lions. Ryan also said that rookie Geno Smith would get reps with the first team offence. Does this mean that Sanchez has the edge of Smith for the Jets QB job?


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