The Xbox One Price $499?


Ok! So Microsoft show off more 13 games and gameplay at this E3 2013. But the more I look at the system I started to ask myself? Is this worth my $500 dollars? I know spec rise, they did put alot into the new console but the software still don’t look that much different from this current generation video game system of today? And then there’s a risk of buying a console to soon. “Remember and first Xbox problems or even the Xbox 360 first month release and the highly defected red rings of death. And I can tell you readers, my Xbox 360 red ring the first day I got it.” The Xbox One comes with loads of used game rules that makes the video games console a investment risk for the average consumer. Buying something that is $499 is a lot to ask, especially if it’s only coming with 500Gb which is not a lot of memory if you added up, music, movie, apps and video games on it with in a years time. I got a PS3 with 250GB and with and playstation plus free game service and it only took 3 months to feel it up with games and other content. What do you think the Xbox Price Point and are you going to buy one? Leave a comment Below!


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