What I Like To See From Next Gen Xbox.

xbox 5

Xbox 720
This is a list of things I would like to see in this next gen consoles.
1. No online all the time console.
2. Fix the D-Pad on the controller.
3. Make sure that the console is energy efficient.
4. Make the games resalable for GameStop.
5. Take the time to fix any and most of the bugs that the system could have when it’s release. (The Xbox and Xbox 360 had red ring of death and other problems on first mouths release.)
6. Keep the system price under $349.
7. Keep the games price under $59.
8. Take away the Xbox Live Subscription Fee.
9. Make the system lighter and smaller.
10. Don’t have a windows 8 Xbox. It not a good idea.
Microsoft well unveil their next there gen console May 21, 2013, so I hope that they well include 5 of the things that I put down!


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