I seen alot of reviews on Nintendo but seeing this one with Adam Sessler took the words out of my mouth. I been thinking the samething, that Nintendo just needs to get back to it’s roots. This big change to become a hardcore gaming company is making them lose focus on what makes Nintendo so great in the first place. I hope Nintendo and other fans watch this video because as much as i like xbox and playstation. I need Nintendo to feel in that gap from the massa release of hard-core gaming, which is mostly made up of first-person shooters. My last personal feelings if Nintendo ever do you go out of business. Most if not all gamers will probably start to losing interest in playing video games. The quality of games that Nintendo release is mostly child friendly games which Microsoft and Playstation have tryed but failed to reach and I feel most parents would go for Nintendo, knowing there past and history in releasing popular games like Pokemon and Mario. I also like to add that this is my personal opinion and not a slander to Microsoft and Sony.


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