Amazing Black Ops 2: FIRST WIIMOTE 100+ Kill Gameplay!!! (101-8)

codops2 wimote
I seen alot of call of duty black ops 2 videos on youtube but this one made by “RawJustice2” blows everybody who hated on the wii u or wii game controller style away. I remember when I had black ops on the wii and I killed 31 people on multiplayer mode using the wiimote. It takes time to get use to it but you well have a easyer time killing your opponents then using the traditional classic pro controller. I lately, been using the wii u controller with the screen because i’m a lazy gamer but this video has took me to a time when I was killing people fast and easy. So my final words is, continue supporting the Wii U so Nintendo can comeout with more games that well bring out this console full potential.


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